Bishop E. D. Richardson

"The Empowerer"


Bishop E. D. Richardson is a man that seeks to please the Heavenly Father.  Born a country boy with a high school education, E. D. Richardson left home at seventeen years old to make a life for himself.  At the age of twenty, he married the love of his life, the late Mary J. Lynch, and four children were added to this union.  At the age of twenty-eight, salvation entered the heart of E. D. Richardson, and at thirty-two he accepted the call to Evangelism.  At thirty-eight, E. D. Richardson accepted the call to the Pastorate ministry, and New Beginning Ministry was birthed.  In two thousand and seven, the church name was changed to New Beginning Empowerment Church. In two thousand and nine, E. D. Richardson was ordained a Bishop by the International Ministers Covenant Fellowship.  Bishop E. D. Richardson is the founder and Executive Director of InTime Outreach Inc., a community development corporation.  He is the founder of EDR Ministries Inc., and currently the Author of two books and a wisdom journal.  Bishop E. D. Richardson established churches in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda in two thousand thirteen and two thousand fifteen and is conducting mission works there.  He is a skillful teacher in the Holy Scriptures, a passionate ministry trainer, and has a desire to see the church living according to the Divine Kingdom status. 

He is the founder and conductor of "Leaders and Workers Empowerment Sessions", known as L.A.W.E.S.  These workshops are designed to inspire, motivate, inform, and enhance the work of ministry workers and leaders, as well as career and professional people.  More could be added to this biography, but this overview gives you some insight into the life of the mighty warrior of God.  Bishop E. D. Richardson is known by many as: "The EMPOWERER".   Are you ready to be empowered by this anointed vessel of God?